Best Dog Friendly Cafes in Brighton & Hove

Finding a great pit-stop in and around Brighton when you’re with the dog is easy: the city is awash with fantastic dog friendly cafes to grab a caffeinated pick-me-up, a few light bites, a slice of cake or maybe a breakfast if you’re up and about early.

There are so many fantastic dog friendly cafes in Brighton that we found it a challenge to whittle down the list into just a few of the best. But these are our favourites, if we had to choose. All of the following cafes provide ample space, are dog friendly, and most have treats or water bowls for you to feed your pooch from.

Joe's Cafe

joe's cafe brighton

Anyone who knows breakfast will know Joe’s Cafe. Located a little outside of the centre of Brighton, it’s one of Brighton’s best kept secrets, but it’s well worth veering off the beaten track for because it might well have the best breakfast in the whole city.

It’s a small place, so be prepared to be waiting a little outside, especially at weekends. But we can only reiterate – it’s worth it! Phenomenal fried breakfasts are the name of the game here. There are a range of breakfast hashes too. For those who are really ambitious, the infamous Hashegeddon is a mammoth breakfast hash packed with locally sourced goodies. Lovely to dogs too.


YouJuice is on the opposite end of the spectrum to Joe’s Cafe, but it’s worth visiting for totally different reasons. This is our favourite health food spot in Brighton & Hove, with a huge range of nutritious juices and smoothies.

They also have some great hot food, raw snacks, and healthy sweet treats like chia pots and raw vegan cakes. The staff here are dog mad too, and will be delighted to see you and your dog.

Black Mocha

black mocha dog friendly brighton

Black Mocha is a much more central Brighton cafe. Whilst Brighton is known for its great coffee, if you held a gun to our heads we would say Black Mocha might be the best in the city. There’s a real passion for coffee here.

For those not so interested in the so-called black gold, they have amazing hot chocolate brewed with vegan chocolate. There’s also a cracking range of raw cakes for those with a sweet tooth.

Presuming Ed

presuming ed

Presuming Ed is a bit of a Brighton institution. The space inside is deceptively vast, meaning you can find plenty of nooks and crannies to spend some quality time with a good book and unwind. For those who are self-employed or work remotely, it’s one of the best spots in the city because you’ll nearly always find a seat at any time of the day, and there’s blazingly fast WiFi on offer too.

Starfish & Coffee

starfish and coffee cafe breakfast

For those to the east of the city, Starfish & Coffee is renowned for being one of the favourite community spots in the area. Expect to see half of the population of East Brighton popping down on a Saturday morning for a coffee and some breakfast, along with their kids and dogs. Its proximity to Queens Park means it’s great for a pre-walk energiser or post-walk place to relax.

The Longhouse

longhouse breakfast

Wonderful little vegan cafe in central Brighton. One of the smaller spots in the city, so may not be adequate for very large dogs, but the cafe is fantastic for its food. Some of the best vegan food you’ll find across Brighton & Hove (and it’s a city known for its vegan wonders, so that’s saying something). The food is exceedingly pretty too, and looks like it’s been lifted straight from an Instagram photo.

As mentioned, it can be crammed, but if you can get in for a spot of lunch then you’re in for a fantastic one.

So, how about you? Have any cafes that you love to visit in Brighton & Hove with your dog? We have plenty more dog friendly cafes to look through on our complete guide to dog friendly Brighton & Hove, but if you have a favourite then leave it in the comments below. We’re always looking to explore more of Brighton.


  • Theresa Michaels
    December 17, 2019 at 16:37

    a good list although my favourite is not on here! (Marwood)

  • Katie Holden
    March 19, 2020 at 06:39

    We visited Joe’s cafe a few weeks ago when we visited Brighton – such a lovely place. Staff are wonderful. Great to see it on this list. Will be back to check out the others!

  • Kat
    February 11, 2022 at 19:05

    Alcampo lounge on London road is dog friendly too. Huge inside. Dog treats and water bowls. Also gluten free veggie and vegan menus too!

  • The Fat Lab
    March 20, 2023 at 14:25

    Love wandering around Brighton so much, best city in the country IMO and these cafes are all flipping fantastic

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