your dog friendly guide to Arundel

An oldie but a goodie! A picturesque market town.

The best of dog-friendly Arundel

Arundel, with its quaint charm and welcoming ambience, stands out as an excellent destination for dog owners seeking a memorable getaway. This picturesque town nestled in West Sussex, England, offers a host of reasons why it’s a perfect place to explore with your four-legged companion. Let’s answer the big question first… is the castle dog-friendly? Sadly it’s not. However, The River Arun and its scenic countryside surroundings provide plenty of opportunities for riverside walks and open-field romps, allowing your dog to frolic in nature’s playground. And the town itself is just wonderful to walk around – beautiful old Tudor buildings on every corner, and cobblestone roads

When you’re done wandering, we’ve pawpicked some of our very favourite dog-friendly spots in Arundel for you to grab a bite to eat.

Get the lay of the land – our map of Arundel

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