Have a great day out with your dog

Find the best dog friendly locations in the UK

Exploring the UK with your dog

Dogs are our best friends. We love spending time with them, and they love spending time with us. Bring The Pooch is here to help you find great days out with your dog. Wherever you’re visiting in the UK, you can find dog friendly locations including restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. In the future, we will also be listing hotels, walks, and other activities too.

For Dog Owners

Dogs are pack animals that love spending time with their owners. In addition, many dogs suffer when left alone due to conditions like separation anxiety.

Bring The Pooch is here to help you find locations that you can bring your dog to, making for a more fulfilling relationship with your pet. Simply start exploring the UK on Bring The Pooch, be it the city you live in or places you’d like to visit, and get ready to have a great dog day out.

We are currently building listings for restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafes around the UK, meaning you never have to call up and check or try and deduce from Google whether a place is dog friendly. If we list it, it is.

For Businesses

Listing with Bring The Pooch is free. The UK high street is struggling due to the rise of the internet, and Bring The Pooch is here to help you reach customers who are out rain or shine – dog owners.

In addition dog owners earn, on average, £3,000 more per annum than the rest of the population, and more likely to be self-employed or work flexibly, meaning they’re ready to visit you at all hours of the day.

What’s more, most dog owners are part of a large group and community of fellow dog owners. Classic word-of-mouth marketing is at its most active in the dog parks of the world. If a dog owner loves your business, they will tell other dog owners.