Whether your dog is on a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, due to allergies, or you’re just mixing in some phytonutrient-rich plant-based foods into your dog’s normal diet, vegan treats are a great way to increase your dog’s intake of fruits and veggies.

When vegan dog treats first hit the market they were unfortunately a little… bland. However, things have come a long way in recent years, with some amazing and delicious vegan treats now available.

Treats, whilst not a replacement for regular food, are a vital method of training your dog, as well as a brilliant way to keep their attention on you when it’s needed. They are designed to be used sparingly, but are considered ‘higher value’ by your dog, and thus will go further than kibble to keeping your dog interested in you and doing what you ask of them.

Hold up, dogs and vegan treats? Don't they love meat?

Dogs do love meat, but their digestive system matches that of an omnivore. Due to evolving in-line with humans for many, many millennia, their digestion has adapted and can now handle plant-based ingredients.

In fact, they have developed the enzyme amylase, which allows them to digest carbohydrates, just like us. We aren’t here to push any particular diet plan onto anyone’s dog – but if you’re considering introducing some plant-based foods (be that for environmental reasons, or your dog’s health) then treats are a great way to do that.

The best plant-based dog treats

Let’s take a look at some of the best vegan dog treats. We’ve tried all of these with our dog, and we reckon they’re the best when it comes to both health benefit and flavour.

Benevo Pawtato Range

First on our list of delicious treaty goodness are the Pawtato Ocean treats from Benevo. The Pawtato range has some fantastic healthy options for our pooches and these are one of staff dog Puzzle’s favourites. They are made with sustainably-farmed spirulina, wakame and kelp seaweeds and come in fun sea-animal shapes. 

As an added bonus, they are also packaged in a biodegradable bag and each purchase means a donation towards ocean conservation projects. Good for your dog, good for your conscience!

Soopa Dog Treats

These little treats are made using human-grade, natural ingredients meaning you’re going to be giving your pooch the best of the best here. They are also grain-free, and only 3 calories per treat. Perfect for those pooches who have those longing puppy eyes that say “please friend, just one more?” or for those four-legged pals who may be carrying a little extra weight. They come in a few different flavours including cranberry & sweet potato, and kale and apple.

Whimzees Veggie Pig Ear

These chews are a great option for those of us who may wish to give their dog a treat that looks like an ear but are perhaps uncomfortable giving them an actual ear? Is that a thing? Who knows, but dogs love these! These treats contain natural, human-food grade ingredients and the shape and texture of the chew also works to help clean your dogs teeth and gums.

Does your dog have a fave vegan treat?

We (well, more accurately, our dog) are always on the lookout for more delicious vegan dog treats. Have you (again, more accurately, your dog) tried any plant-based treats that they love? We’d love to hear about them, so stick them in the comments below.

Don’t forget, we also have a post on the best vegan dog foods too.


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