Best Dog Friendly Pubs in Brighton

Brighton is known for its pubs. With over 900 licensed pub venues in the city, there’s approximately 1 pub to every 250 people in the city. And with Brighton being one of the most dog-obsessed cities in the whole of the UK, that means a whole lot of dogs are looking for a nice place to chillax with a pint, be it in a nice beer garden on a summer’s evening or by a cosy and warm fire during the winter.

From those 900 pubs, it’s tricky to whittle down to our favourite dog friendly pubs in Brighton & Hove, but we’ve done our absolute best here! We’ve picked the following pubs based on them being lovely to people, lovely to dogs, having an interesting selection of food and drink available, and being interesting and unique in a variety of ways. So, without further ado, let’s get exploring Brighton’s pubs.

Earth & Stars

earth and stars sustainable food

The Earth and Stars is one of our favourite spots to grab a pint. It prides itself on being one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly pubs in the whole of the UK, putting right at home in the centre of the greenest city in the UK. The food and drink reflects this. You’ve got an amazing menu, packed with sustainable and locally sourced options, as well as a range of vegan goodies. Whether you’re vegan or not, we highly recommend the vegan fish and chips for a Brighton classic done in a super sustainable way.

The Hope & Ruin

hope ruin brighton

A vibrant and bustling pub which can get very busy during weekends. However, despite this, you’ll almost always find a table thanks to it being… well, huge. This is a large and spacious environment, with plenty of nooks and crannies to tuck yourself away with your dog, a friend, and a couple of pints. The food is particularly interesting. The Hope and Ruin is home to Beelzebab – a 100% vegan doner kebab kitchen. Despite being plant-based, it’s everything you could possibly hope for from a quality doner.

The Prince George

prince george brighton dog friendly

The Prince George is one of Brighton’s most famous pubs because it’s one of the original pubs to open with a completely vegetarian kitchen. There’s a true Brightonian authenticity here. Brighton has always been a city of hippies and veggies, but whilst many establishments are only recently jumping onto that particular bandwagon, The Prince George has been doing it for decades and decades. The menu is just as good as ever though.

The Sussex Yeoman

sussex yeoman brighton dog friendly

Run by dog lovers, for dog lovers. The Sussex Yeoman is easily accessible to visitors as it’s no more than 20 paces from Brighton Station itself. You’ll often see the owner, John, strolling about with his dogs. The pub has some fantastic food on offer, but if you really want to see it at its best then book yourself in on a Sunday and grab a Sunday Roast. They’re phenomenal.

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger, previously The Hampton to Brighton’s long time lurkers, is our go-to pub for doing things a little differently. Easy Tiger has an array of amazing craft beers, meaning every drink brings new and surprising flavours to the fore. Meanwhile, the food is phenomenal. This one gets our vote for the best Indian food in the city. It’s an Indian street food style menu, but unlike typical British Indian food, this is a truly authentic affair.

The Farm Tavern

farm tavern dog friendly roast

A little outside of the centre of Brighton and reaching into the depth of Hove we’ve got The Farm Tavern. We couldn’t possibly get away with completing this list without including this lovely pub though. The dogs would kill us. That’s because The Farm Tavern not only serves a cracking Sunday Roast for people, but also has a cracking Sunday Roast for dogs as well. Highly recommend for people and dogs alike.

Wherever you are in Brighton, with 900 pubs about the city you can be guaranteed of one thing: a great pub is just around the corner. These are just a few of our favourite dog friendly pubs in Brighton & Hove, but we know there are many other great ones. We’d love to hear about your favourites… just pop a recommendation in the comments below. Enjoy a poochy pub crawl!


  • Jessie & Marley
    January 1, 2020 at 11:20

    Bottoms Rest in Hove has a dog friendly Sunday dinner too!

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