Where To Get Pizza With Your Dog in Brighton

It’s pretty much an indisputable fact: dogs love pizza crusts, and will do anything to improve their chances of swiping one. 

Well, fortunately for us, we love pizzas too. We did the rounds in Brighton & Hove and found some of the best places that you can grab pizza in the city, so that you and your dog can share a doughy dinner date together in the near future. 

We’ve included a mixture of venues here, including restaurants that are full time pizzerias and other Italian restaurants that do pizza as one of their menu items.


purezza dog friendly brighton

Brighton’s champs of vegan pizza. These guys won Best Pizza of the Year in 2018 for their amazing Parmigiana Party, and have scooped a bunch of other awards in Naples too. This may be vegan pizza, but you’ll be amazed nonetheless. 

Purezza have put the legwork into crafting their own vegan cheeses from the ground up and they’re indistinguishable from regular mozzarella. Highly recommended and wonderfully dog friendly too.


donatello's brighton dog friendly

We should mention as a word of warning that Donatello only accepts dogs in its outside seating area. Don’t be put off though, they have plenty of it, and it’s in the picturesque Lanes area of Brighton, so you’ll enjoy your time out there with your dog. 

This is a classic family restaurant in Brighton, beloved by locals. It’s also unbeatable when it comes to value. The prices are super low, and the food doesn’t suffer for them.


Polpo is a growing chain of restaurants around the UK specialising in Venetian food. They predominantly do small plates, meaning you’ll want to order a range of dishes from their menu. Pizza is among these, meaning you can order a small pizza and a few other great dishes to complement it. The venue is Brighton is really big with plenty of room, making it ideal for dogs of all sizes.

Grab pizza with your dog

Brighton has a wonderfully eclectic mix of cuisines on offer, and pizza is just one of them. You can find all of the dog friendly locations in Brighton on our main page for the city, and we’ve also got information on the best dog friendly restaurants in Brighton too.

Let us know if you find anywhere else to grab pizza in the city… after all, our dog’s appetite for crusts is insatiable.


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