This location is not currently dog friendly

Oh no! Riddle & Finns Seafront is not currently dog friendly. Hopefully they'll allow dogs in soon!

It's always sad when you find out you can't take your dog to your favourite restaurant, cafe, pub or bar. But hey, thankfully there are other dog friendly locations in your area. Begin searching for dog friendly spots through our website.
What we say...

One of the finest seafood restaurants in Brighton & Hove, perhaps even the UK. Riddle & Finns serves extremely high quality, locally caught seafood, with most of their fish being caught just a few miles down the road in Shoreham. They also have lobster and crab.

Alongside the main meals, Riddle & Finns are also known for their excellent oysters. Their oysters are always of the highest quality, provided by the UK's best supplier. You can pair these oysters with their extensive champagne menu.

We hope these folks consider allowing dogs in the future.

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