Best Dog Friendly Cafes in Harrogate

Nestled in the charming town of Harrogate, where historic architecture meets contemporary flair, a delightful trend has been gaining momentum, transforming the café scene into a haven for both coffee connoisseurs and canine companions alike. 

Harrogate’s dog-friendly cafes have become an embodiment of the town’s warm hospitality, offering a unique blend of aromatic brews, delectable treats, and a welcoming atmosphere that extends its embrace to our four-legged friends. 

Whether you’re a local resident seeking a cosy spot to unwind with your pup or a visitor eager to explore the town’s canine-friendly offerings, these cafes provide the perfect backdrop for a harmonious blend of human and canine camaraderie. Let’s take a look at our favourite dog-friendly cafes in this historic market town, that’ll leave you smiling and your dog’s tail a-wagging.

Hoxton North

hoxton north harrogate dog friendly

Hoxton North brings a little of London’s bougie cafe scene to the heart of Harrogate. Two emigrants from the big city who’ve settled in Harrogate set up Hoxton North, bring the best of London’s trendy cafe culture to this beautiful and quaint market town.

It hits all the spots; from a friendly welcoming, through to gorgeous yet minimalistic interior design, and an array of sweet treats and lovely breakfast options.

Love Brownies

brownies cafe dog friendly

Find me a person in the world who doesn’t like brownies… I’ll wait.

Yep, thought as much, can’t find anyone! Everyone loves a good gooey and fudgy brownie, and fortunately, that means everyone is going to love Love Brownies in Harrogate. As the name suggests, these folks know a thing or two about gorgeous chocolate slabs of joy. They’re a multi-award-winning institution for their brownies. But your dog won’t miss out either – they have puppucinos and doggy ice cream available too.


baltzersen's cakes

You just know a spot is going to be dog-friendly if they run a separate Instagram to show off their doggy visitors. Yep, Baltzersen’s in Harrogate is one of the most dog-friendly cafes we have ever visited in the whole of the UK. Prepare to have your dog snapped like they’re a celebrity meeting the puparazzi because you may well appear on their doggo Instagram channel.

Oh and when you’re dog has finished getting snapped like a celeb, then you can tuck into the fantastic array of cakes, bakes and coffees available here. Highly, highly recommended!

As always, at Bring The Pooch our goal is to give dogs happier lives. They love joining you for a little cafe visit, so on your next outing, choose one of the above spots in Harrogate, or browse our full Harrogate guide which includes pubs, restaurants and more too.

Find a new great cafe? Please whack it in the comments below… we’d love to try it out! And for now, enjoy exploring Harrogate.


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